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About Shop Junior Golf

Shop Junior Golf was started by a junior golf parent who was frustrated with the limited choices when it comes to junior golf apparel, equipment and knowledge for his son. After much searching, I decided it was time to open up a store and a community of my own.

Several years ago, I set out with my two sons and some golf clubs purchased on Craigslist. A new driving range and golf course had just opened down the street from our neighborhood, and I thought it would be fun to learn how to play golf with my five and eight year old boys. Skip ahead 3 years, and our family is neck deep in junior golf!

As my family grew its involvement in the junior golf world, I quickly recognized a lack of information and products related to kid's golf.  What do we look for in choosing the right golf coach? What kind of golf clubs are right for my boys?  Where can we purchase clothes for our aspiring little golf stars? What tournaments should we participate in and with what organization?

I am not a golfer.  We knew nothing about where to start.  Most information available online was outdated and was usually some link farm.  I was determined to learn the most about this game that I could, and I promised myself I would share it with all the other families.  Out of those frustrating first few years, comes and

While our oldest son has moved on from golf to basketball, our youngest son, Jace, has excelled in the sport and is a strong little competitor in the Dallas junior golf ranks.  We actively participate in US Kids and NTPGA (North Texas PGA) events.

Our goal is to provide a single place for parents and junior golfers to learn, interact with each other, and shop for kid's golf clubs, kid's golf apparel, and anything else associated with children's golf.

With the launch of, we are proud to announce our partnerships with Par Plus Golf, ProdigyGolfer, Tiger Cub Golf, Goodie Girl Golf, DivotMat, Big D Golf, and several others on the horizon. Stop by to check out all our junior golf related products.

Jason Boslow

Head Caddie

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