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  • The Putting Stick - Golf Training Aid for Putting (see full post)

    What is The Putting Stick Would you like to improve your putting stroke?  Sure, we all would!  While visiting Dennis Sales at Sinclair Golf Training Center in Euless a few months ago, he showed this this ingenious putting training aid.  After seeing Dennis work with a student and my son, Jace, using this tool, I knew it was a must have for the store...and my house!  After reaching out to the people at TPK Golf, we decided The Putting Stick was a perfect fit for Shop Junior Golf.  Take a moment and read through the documentation and watch the videos...
  • Being Golf Parent vs. Being a Golf Coach (see full post)

    "I just hope that some of these parents realize that their behavior is not only an embarrassment to the child, it’s an embarrassment to themselves." I'll admit, I snagged this article from the Google Plus Golf Community from Bunkers Paradise.  It REALLY hits home for me as a junior golf parent, so I had to share this on my blog.  The gentleman that wrote this article...NAILS IT!  The quote above sums it all up! I'm glad he shared this, and now I'm sharing with you.  Please click HERE to read the full article from Jason Bernheimer, House Looper for Bunkers Paradise
  • Exercise Library for Golf (see full post)

      How important is exercise and strength training to your golf game?  There are many different programs out there any many opinions about golf fitness.  It's clear to me that golf is no longer a sport that can ignore strength and fitness training to elevate your game to the next level.  If you're not doing something, you're missing out.  I came across this site today while surfing around looking for a golf workout for me and my son, Jace to do together.  I thought it was a great reference and felt I needed to share with all of you. This is from...

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