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Finding the best Golf Clothes for Your Junior Golfer

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Choosing the right golf clothes for your junior golfer could be as integral to their game as picking up the right clubs. You need to make sure your clothing is not only comfortable and fits correctly, but also conforms to clubs rules. A stylish touch to your clothing doesn’t hurt your game either! 


One of the first things on your shopping checklist should be “How well are these clothes going to fit?” A great fit will provide comfort and not take away from your swing. Remember that fitted clothing does not mean hindering your movement. A great fitting polo will not restrict movement, allowing junior golfers to have an unrestricted, free-moving swing.  Shorts that are comfortable and do not hinder your golf game are important. An above the knee cut allows for flexibility and an unhindered golf swing.

The fit of their pants should also be considered when purchasing junior golfers a new outfit. Making sure the pants are not overly tight or baggy will also make sure their clothing does not get in the way of their golf game. Whether your junior golfer is wearing pants, shorts, or a skort, the correct fit should be a top purchasing decision.


The fabric of your junior golfer's clothing is another crucial factor when finding the right clothing to supplement their golf game. The right fabric should be moisture wicking, flexible, and easy cleaning. A suitable fabric for your junior golfer’s polo is polyester. Polyester, with the right finishes, can be breathable, moisture-wicking and very flexible. Fabrics for bottoms should have the same properties and be as flexible and sturdy as possible. A polyester/spandex blend can achieve this mix of properties very well.


Your junior golfer's clothing should not only feel good, but look good too. This extra touch of style can match your junior golfer’s personality. Does she like to stand out from the crowd? Is his favorite color purple? Is she all about pink polka dots? Whatever your junior golfer’s likes are, you are bound to find something that shows their personality on the course.


Choosing the right clothing for your little golfer can be a daunting process. Shop Junior Golf is here to help you with the process. We have a selection of apparel from Par Plus Golf, Kissi Courture, and training accessories from Orange Whip.  If there are any other questions, feel free to reach out to us through email at [email protected], twitter, or facebook.  With the right knowledge, you and your junior golfer can be ready for any course to come.

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